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Architectural products

Archaeological research asserts that architectural products made of granite have survived through the ages. This is evidenced by various excavations in European cities corresponding to Ancient Rome and Hellenia, where archaeologists are constantly finding elements of natural stone interiors of rich houses and villas.

What kinds of architectural solutions we offer

Given our manufacturing base, modern granite processing techniques, and thousands of years of experience of our ancestors, we offer a wide selection of small architectural granite products for both the interior and exterior of your home:

  • window sills,
  • countertops,
  • sinks and bowls,
  • facade and floor tiles,
  • steps, stairs,
  • curbs,
  • balusters and columns,
  • fountains,
  • cover plates,
  • sculptures,
  • fireplaces,
  • balls and other elements of granite decor of the room.

To perform exterior decoration of the house, granite is also the most preferred material. In the design of the building, this material can be used to cover the walls and plinth, design of individual elements of the facade, such as a balcony or columns. Such buildings look spectacular and noble. And arouse the admiration and envy of neighbors and passers-by.

Why is granite in the decor preferable to modern materials?

The most important argument - any element of granite for a decor of housing looks "expensive - rich. And if seriously, the granite elements of the interior and exterior are a sign of wealth, aesthetics and good taste, you can even say - aristocratic. Moreover, modern materials are specially imitated natural stone. More recently, the granite was used to decorate office buildings and public places, but now it is used for registration and private houses.

Why is natural stone so valuable in the decoration of the house? There are several factors that influence it:

  • As mentioned above, it is a sign of prosperity,
  • Products made of granite are durable and will last not only you but also your children and grandchildren,
  • A successful combination of texture, polished granite with modern materials - it is unique, stylish and a sign of taste.

Granite is resistant to:

  • abrasion;
  • evaporation of moisture;
  • UV exposure;
  • mechanical damage;
  • combustion;
  • fungus.

How to choose granite for room design

We offer a wide selection of granite. In our catalog you will find samples of natural stone from more than 20 deposits in Ukraine. Each rock has a unique texture, so your imagination will find where to turn to select architectural and construction natural stone products. Our modern production can embody any design solution for your home. If necessary, our experts will help with the choice and selection of materials for your decoration: from idea, manufacturing and delivery of the order to your city. We are waiting for your calls!