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Sinks and sinks made of granite

Sinks and sinks made of granite have a number of advantages:

  • high strength and durability,
  • unpretentiousness (easy to clean),
  • environmental friendliness,
  • water resistance,
  • heat resistance,
  • Aesthetic appearance, especially when there are other decorative elements of granite in the room,
  • unique look thanks to the unique texture, granularity and color shades,
  • affordable price is comparable with claydite products.

In addition, unlike metal sinks and sinks, stone sinks and sinks are relatively silent.

How much does a sink and a sink made of Ukrainian granite cost?

You may think that such sinks will cost a lot, but they are not more expensive than claystone sinks. The cost of granite sinks and sinks is strongly influenced by the manufacturing method: if the product is glued together from granite slabs, then it is one price, if the sink or sink is made from a single piece, it will get much more expensive. Also, the price can be affected by the grade of granite, the complexity of manufacturing and the type of final surface treatment.

What color granite sinks or sinks can be

The company Granum is a manufacturer and works with more than 20 Ukrainian deposits and quarries, so the choice of color, shade, texture is huge. You can make a sink in classic white or black, or you can make it in gray or red. It is important that by ordering not only a sink or a sink, but also a tabletop, facing tile and other elements of kitchen or bathroom decor, you can harmoniously pick up all the elements of natural stone interior and it will look elegant and exquisite.
How big can natural stone sinks and sinks be?
A sink or a sink made of natural stone is a unique product and it is made according to the individual project, usually simultaneously with a granite worktop. Dimensions are limited only by the dimensions of other elements of the kitchen or bathroom.

How to buy or order a sink and a sink from granite

To order and buy a sink by standard project, which is presented in our catalog or by individual design you will need to contact our specialists in any convenient for you way: you can call us by phone indicated at the site or write in the chat or feedback form, order a call-back. After agreeing all the details and nuances your order will be made within a few days and sent to you anywhere in Ukraine.

Sinks and sinks made of granite

We offer to buy ready models of sinks and bowls from a natural stone or to make an order at the manufacturer's price.

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