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Granite slabs

Granum company offers to buy granite slabs at manufacturer's price in all popular sizes. Building finishing elements from a natural stone always were, are and will remain a symbol of refinement and respectability. Despite a thousand-year history of use granite in the interior and exterior in finishing rooms of buildings, its popularity only grows over the years and wishing to buy granite slabs every year becomes more and more. And this desire is due to the properties of the material: the natural strength and resistance to adverse external factors. In addition, depending on the quarry or deposit, the stone has its own unique color and grain size.

Depending on the deposits and quarries we cooperate with the colors of our granite slabs vary mostly from red and green and their shades to black, gray and white. The mixture of several colors giving brown, brown coloring is possible.

Granum company has a good production base and it is possible to produce granite slabs in the size required by the customer at minimal prices, and you can order the desired surface treatment:

  • polished,
  • lapped,
  • heat-treated.

We produce the following types of slabs:

  • paving slabs,
  • facing slabs,
  • Granite strips,
  • slabs,
  • granite tiles,
  • Other similarnomenclature.

How much are granite slabs?

The final cost of slabs of granite is influenced by several factors:

  • The origin of granite,
  • Dimensions, including the thickness of the slab,
  • Type of surface treatment,
  • Non-standard (shaped) cutting of slabs.

Prices for granite slabs may vary depending on the volume of the order.