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Paving slabs

Granite paving slabs are ideal for landscaping, giving it a unique look, personality and exclusivity. Paving slabs are well suited for the arrangement of the following areas:

  • For paving pedestrian walkways in parks and squares,
  • for sidewalks near shopping centers, embankments, subways and other public places, where a lot of people walk,
  • for areas near cafes and offices, houses, restaurants and squares.

Granite surpasses the capabilities of concrete and composite materials in physical properties and other technical parameters. And modern methods of processing the surface of granite make the tiles even more durable and resistant, just giving the products a finished appearance.

Price of granite paving slabs

The cost of granite paving slabs depends on the influence of various factors. Typical options are listed in the table. There is a flexible system of discounts for bulk orders. You can order and buy granite paving slabs at a discount when ordering from 20 m2.

What sizes for the manufacture of granite paving slabs are used more often

Granite paving slabs for sidewalks or paths can be the following standard sizes:

  • 10 by 10 cm (100 by 100 mm);
  • 20 by 20 cm (200 by 200 mm);
  • 30 by 30 cm (300 by 300 mm);
  • 40 by 40 cm (400 by 400 mm);
  • 60 by 30 cm (600 by 300 mm)
  • 60 by 40 cm (600 by 400 mm)
  • 60 by 60 cm (600 by 600 mm).

The thickness of the boards is usually 20 or 30 mm.
Of these standard slab sizes, various laying options are possible, but we can produce custom-sized slabs on request.

Popular laying patterns

Granite paving slabs can be laid in different mosaics. Such laying schemes will give the territory individuality and aesthetics.

Lead time

Lead time depends on various factors - how many square meters of tiles you want to buy, whether there is a variety of selected granite, production load, but not less than 4 working days. Contact our consultant and he will specify the term of your order.

Paving slabs

Choosing granite paving slabs for sidewalks, you first of all rely on the strength and durability of coverage. This kind of product has a good wear resistance, it is immune to temperature changes, and in addition, natural stone has its own architectural expression in a variety of colors, grain size and quality of surface treatment.

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