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About Us

Granum company specializes in the manufacture of granite products since the early 2000s. What we did not just do with granite last 20 years and can safely declare: about granite we know everything (or almost everything), we have enough experience and production capabilities to:

  • Fulfill orders of almost any size;
  • To find non-standard decisions for the demanding client in short terms;
  • Fulfill both bulk and single orders;
  • To increase the concentration of dopamine, serotonin and endorphin in the body of the customer from the quality of products.

Besides all that many people do, we can offer our client a unique service: granite rubberization.

Zhytomyr region is famous for its deposits of some of the highest quality granite in the world, so it is not surprising that we are located in Korostyshev Zhytomyr region, where our main production facilities warehouses products.

The company Granum is:

  • 20+ years of work in the market of granite
  • 30+ employees
  • 20+ modern machines
  • 23 quarries and deposits in Ukraine
  • 2000+ completed orders
  • 800+ satisfied customers

We are proud of our projects

Completed over 200 individual orders last year

Among our works there are orders for
individual and corporate clients:
architectural products, facing slabs,
paving stones, memorial complexes.

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