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What is the difference between granite and marble?

Granite is of volcanic origin, hence it is composed of granules of various colors and sizes. Marble, on the other hand, is based on limestone, which is why it has various veins, such as quartz veins, in its structure.


How long can natural stone products last?

Almost forever, as natural stone is almost not exposed to the effects of time.


How high is the radioactivity of granite?

Stone has its own natural radioactivity, which is divided into 3 classes: 1 - designed for all types of construction without restriction; 2 - designed for industrial, utility and road facilities where people stay for at least 1,700 hours a year; 3 - designed for individual isolated objects or structures, industrial and road purposes, which are practically not associated with the stay of people. The main part of the products that we supply belongs to radiation class 1.


Is it true that natural stone is very expensive?

Until recently, we could confidently answer this question in the affirmative. In recent years, thanks to the emergence of a number of new technologies in its extraction and processing, stone has become much more accessible to the consumer. Today the market offers a wide range of natural stone and at prices quite successfully competes with artificial materials, and some varieties of natural stone is cheaper than artificial materials.


How many years will the granite product last?

Incorrect formulation of the question. When it comes to granite, it is not worth operating with such small time periods. The granite product will not last a few years, and not even a few decades. He certainly is not eternal and in five centuries, you will definitely have to shell out money for a new staircase or tiling. And that's not a fact.


Is granite scratchable?

Yes, it scratches, but it requires a lot of effort. For example, in the street, from walking on it in crowds and rubbing it with sand while walking, nothing will happen to the surface, because it is incredibly wear-resistant. But if you shred cabbage or chop meat on the polished granite table, small marks will definitely remain. But there are a lot of ways of independent masking of small scratches on granite surfaces, and we will definitely consider them in another article. But if, however, you have the intention to hit the countertop with a hammer, it is better to choose quartz agglomerate. It will withstand it without any problems.


Can furniture break from the weight of a granite countertop?

No, it cannot. Even though, the approximate weight of 1 sq. meter. of granite worktop with thickness of 30 mm is 75 kg, it is evenly distributed throughout the plane and the actual load per 1 sq. cm. of cabinet is 7,5 grams. Therefore, the probability that the kitchen cabinet will break from the weight of the countertop is extremely low.


Do stains stay on granite countertops?

Yes, granite is capable of absorbing grease and paint, like any other natural stone. Compared with marble, for example, it is less hygroscopic, but still, the stain may remain if it is not removed in time. But this applies to products that do not have a special protective layer, but now these things can not be found.


Will the granite not break in the cold?

This question is from the category of absurd, may the questioners forgive us. The material did not appear yesterday and you can see with your own eyes the buildings, granite facades of which retain their pristine appearance for centuries. How often are they restored from the outside? But they have been standing for centuries!


How to transport a product made of stone?

As a rule, products made of natural stone are delivered by our company's specialists. But if there is a case when the client himself transports, for example, a tabletop, window sill or steps, then the product of this kind should be transported strictly vertically, securing it with special equipment, which are equipped with special vehicles for transportation.


What must not be done when cleaning stone products?

Do not use abrasives, metal brushes or products containing chlorine when cleaning natural stone. Granite surfaces should only be cleaned with a soapy solution, which should be rinsed with warm water, after which the surface should be wiped with a soft cloth.


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