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Granite paving stone

Our company sells paving stone made of granite at affordable price from the manufacturer. Laying of paving stone with natural stone is the ideal variant of road paving due to its mechanical properties and durability. For thousands of years and to this day, granite paving stone occupies a leading position for paving roads, paths and squares. The price for such products depends on origin, overall dimensions and order volumes. In any case, granite paving stone is always a justified investment in the territory. 

What sizes of granite paving stone are

Available in the following sizes:
100x100x100 mm;
100х100х50 mm;
200х100х100 mm;
50х50х50 mm;
Thickness of granite paving stone can be 30 and 80 mm.
At the request of the customer we fulfill the order of the individual size, up to the shaped profile of the stone.

Types of paving stone

There are several types of paving stone (see photo). They are differentiated by the type of processing of side edges and face surface:
1. sawn,
2. chopped,
3. French,
4. deburred.
Before you choose and buy a suitable type of paving stone we advise you to study details of the raw material, its characteristics, as well as choose the necessary rock. We have compiled some arguments in favor of natural stone, which everyone should know:
Granite - the most durable and strong matter;
Stone is considered both a construction and decorative material, which is facilitated by the properties and attractive appearance;
Characterized by the absence of harmful mixtures in the composition, which means that it is completely safe and practical;
Slabs for the street have a wide palette of colors of natural shades, a wide choice of structure and texture;
Due to the features, if necessary repair work, it is possible to dismantle and re-lay;
Products are resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity, it guarantees an excellent appearance in all weather conditions.

Time frame order

We offer cooperation on both single orders, and on cooperation on an ongoing basis. Implementation is carried out wholesale and retail, on favorable terms for both parties.
The terms of order execution depend on various factors - how many square meters of paving stone made of granite you want to buy, whether the selected material is available, workload of production at the moment, but not less than 4 working days. Contact our representative for more information.
If you need to order and buy all kinds of granite paving stones you can in the company Granum. We offer a minimum price in the market, from the manufacturer per m2 of our products.