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Brushed and chopped paving stone

It is a reliable material made of natural stone, which is used for paving roads, paths and various social sites. The upper, front part is heat-treated, so that the surface is rougher. The coating withstands multi-ton loads, is durable and highly resistant to weather phenomena. Aesthetically, the uneven side edges allow the appearance of uneven paving, which is a hallmark of paving in the old days and it gives the exterior an antique look.

Price of sawn and chopped granite paving stone

Granum Company offers French sawn chopped paving stone at reasonable price from the manufacturer. Different factors influence the final price (see table). However, the larger the volume of the order, the greater the discount you get for the goods.

How the French cobblestone is made

Sawed and chopped paving stone made of granite is produced on modern equipment:

  • Ready-made slabs are taken or cut to a thickness of 30 to 50 mm (in rare cases up to 100 mm);
  • The front surface of the plate is heat-treated;
  • The slabs are pressed into bars, e.g. 200 x 200 mm;
  • If necessary, the resulting plate can be chopped into smaller sizes, such as 200 to 100 or 100 to 100 mm.

If requested by the customer we can fulfill the order according to the individual dimension up to the shaped profile of the stone.

How to order a sawn chopped paving stone?

You can order and buy French stone paving stone of all key sizes from more than 20 Ukrainian quarries and fields in the company Granum. We offer the price from the manufacturer, the minimum for m2 of our products.

Brushed and chopped paving stone

Chopped or French paving stone from granite, which you can order and buy from us at producer price, is a bar with sawn top and bottom and chopped sides. "French" it is called because this method of processing paving stone existed in the Middle Ages in France.

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