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Chopped paving stone

Chopped paving stone (see photo) is produced from large granite blocks by crushing. As a result we get blocks with sides sides obtained by shearing. Paving stone dimensions may vary considerably within ± 10 %. That is, if you have paving stone 100 x 100 x 100 mm, the distance between the edges may actually be in the range of 90 to 110 mm. This method of production provides the cheapest version of the product.
It is an ecological, vibration proof material, resistant to weather conditions and temperature changes, frost proof, relatively wide spacing between the blocks of paving stone is a good drainage and puddles do not appear on the paving stone after the rain. From the point of view of aesthetics, chopped paving stone surface reminds of medieval road pavement, and due to its treatment natural texture of natural stone, and with certain entourage the exterior can be amazing. The most common paving stone in demand is black, gray and its shades.

Price of chopped granite paving stone

Chopped granite paving stone price per m2 depends on stone origin, size, order volume and other factors. We offer discounts to our wholesale customers starting from 200 m2.

What are the standard sizes of sawn paving stone

Available in the following sizes (GOST or DSTU):

  • 50x50x50 mm;
  • 100х100х50 mm;
  • 100х100х100 mm;
  • 150х150х150 mm
  • 200х100х100 mm;

On request we can produce chopped granite paving stone to individual sizes.

How to order and buy chopped paving stone?

You can order and buy chopped paving stone of the size you need from more than 20 quarries and fields at Granum company. We offer the lowest price per m2 of our production in the market.

Chopped paving stone

Would you like to buy chopped paving stone made of granite at producer's price? Granite production company Granum provides you with necessary quantity of high quality products from ready assortment or by order. 

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