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Granite slabs

What are the sizes of slabs

Slabs of granite can be ordered in any breed, length, width, and thickness, for individual parameters.
Standard sizes, which sells company "Granum" usually go length from 180 cm to 310 cm, width 90 cm to 180 cm, the thickness can be any-odd, popular is 2-5 cm.
Granum manufactures plates from raw materials of natural origin from different deposits in Ukraine, in accordance with current standards. For effective cooperation quickly produce a consultation and analysis of needs, only then proceed to execution.

Times on a granite band

Capacities of our factory allow to make granite slabs almost in unlimited quantity, the price of slabs depends on many parameters: the sizes, quality of processing, a deposit, logistics. We offer our customers the discounts, if they are ready to order and buy slabs of granite in volume from 20 m2.

Use and kinds of granite strip processing

Our manufacture owns wide assortment for cutting of wide products. Surface treatment of slabs is made by the following ways:

  • Sawing. Offers a smooth side and minor traces of dusty discs;
  • Polishing. The option helps achieve a glossy effect;
  • Heat treating. Its technological operation gives slabs a rough texture;
  • Grinding. The technique offers to achieve a smooth, matte finish.

As noted above, slabs are used for the subsequent manufacture of such items: countertops, fences, window sills, tombstones, cemetery tables, treads, floor slabs and others.

Benefits of ordering granite slabs at Granum

Granite tiles have a number of advantages, including:

  1. Durability. Since it is considered the most wear-resistant;
  2. Absence of seams. Contributes to the quality of production;
  3. Moisture resistance. Granite does not react to extraneous factors, including increased moisture;
  4. Universality of use. From the slab there is an opportunity to create designer furniture and others.

On our website you can order and buy slabs for the production of various products, taking into account the texture, color and quality of surface treatment. In turn, we will hold a free consultation, that will help you decide on the color of granite slab, which are going to buy, texture, to select the appropriate under the needs of the fossil, competently organize the production process, we pack, help with the transportation at a minimal cost in any region of Ukraine, EU countries.

Granite slabs

Granite slabs - blanks of natural material necessary for workshops for the manufacture of interior and exterior products, which you can buy at our manufacturer's price. In other words, the slab - semi-finished product for further cutting.

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