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Granite tiles

What are the standard sizes for granite tiles

Granite tiles can be standard sizes:

  • 30 by 30 cm (300 by 300 mm);
  • 40 by 30 cm (400 by 300 mm);
  • 50 by 30 cm (500 by 300 mm);
  • 60 by 30 cm (600 by 300 mm);
  • 60 on 60 cm (600 on 600 mm).

The standard thickness of granite tiles is 20, 30 and 50 mm.
You can also order the individual size of tiles, or we can calculate the optimal size based on your project.

How much does a granite tile cost?

The cost of tiles can vary depending on the volume of the order, the final processing and other factors. There is a flexible system of discounts for bulk orders. Discounts on the price of granite tiles begins with an order of 200 m2.

Lead time of the order

Terms of execution of the order depends on various factors - the volume of the order, the presence of the selected granite in the production, workload of production, but not less than 4 working days. Therefore, the exact timing of the order in the current period you can learn after consultation with our manager.

Granite slabs: processing and application

Depending on the application of granite slabs, we perform various kinds of treatment of the material: from rough milling for exterior structures and other exterior use - granite paving slabs, steps and more to the polishing for countertops, window sills, fireplaces and other interior elements.
If the choice is among the ways to finish the surface, the most popular is considered polishing granite. With this technique, granite tile acquires a smooth and glossy surface texture. It is used mainly for interior decoration of homes, offices, shopping centers, business centers, etc..
Such tiles are used for the following elements of decoration:

  • On the floor of the room
  • On the grave
  • For the facade and plinth of the house
  • For street as a sidewalk tile for paths and sites.

The following final processing of the surface of the tile is grinding. This technology allows you to get a rougher and more matte surface, unlike polishing. This type of treatment is ideal for entryways or outdoor areas, as it prevents slipping on such a surface.

The last, but not the least known of the previous methods, is heat treatment. It is characterized by a roughened surface, so that such goods have a strong anti-slip effect. This approach allows the color and texture to show brighter, in contrast to grinding. Heat-treated granite tiles are most often used as exterior cladding, due to its quality characteristics. Thus, it gives granite tiles a special resistance to environmental factors. Since microcracks are filled, as a result, water can not penetrate them.
Order or buy granite tiles for your project you can in our company at a minimal price, inexpensive, since we are a manufacturer of these products.

Granite tiles

Order tiles made of granite at the manufacturer's price of all popular sizes in Ukraine the best way in our company Granum. Products made of natural stone is considered the most universal, due to the quality, resistance to external factors. Granite tiles are used in the exterior, interior, landscape design.

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