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Granite facing tiles

Why in case of an opportunity preference is always given to a natural stone? Granite is quite durable, resistant to the aggressive environment and temperature fluctuations. He is very durable and plays a role as an additional insulator. Service life of at least 50 years. And, among other things, granite tiles have their own architectural expression and aesthetics.

Facing stone for the facade has the following advantages:

  • granite tiles have their own unique pattern, color and granularity,
  • The combination of different colors and textures make it possible to make endless compositions,
  • Facing tile protects the facade from destruction, insulates the premises,
  • preservation of appearance. Facing boards do not burn out in the sun, the structure over time does not decay and does not need additional care.

Price of facing slabs for a facade

The prices for granite facade slabs depend on different factors. We offer a flexible discount system if you are ready to order and buy granite facade facing slabs in the volume of 200 m2.

What sizes of facing slabs there are

Granite slabs for decorative facing of facades of houses and other buildings are available in the following sizes:

  • 30 by 30 cm (300 by 300 mm);
  • 40 by 40 cm (400 by 300 mm);
  • 40 by 30 cm (400 by 400 mm);
  • 60 by 40 cm (600 by 400 mm);
  • 60 x 60 cm (600 x 600 mm).

The thickness of the facing slabs is 20 or 30 mm.
Upon request, we will execute an order according to individual dimensions, up to the shaped profile of the tiles. 

Time of performance of the order

Shipment lead time depends on various factors - how many square meters of paving slabs you want to buy, whether the selected grade of granite is available, production capacity, but not less than 4 working days. Contact our consultant, and he will specify the term of your order.

Methods of processing of facing slabs for facades

Depending on the interior cladding of rooms or facades of buildings, the following types of surface treatment of tiles are distinguished:

  • Polished surface. Gives luster and reflects objects as in a mirror, which gives an original and aesthetic appearance.
  • Grinded surface. The surface is similar to the polished one, but more rough.
  • Heat-treated surface. The surface is rough and embossed.
  • Sawed surface. Traces of machining tools will be visible, the surface will be medium roughness.

Under the order we can make a bouchardovany structure of the surface.
You can order and buy the facing facade stone in the company Granum at the price of the manufacturer, without intermediary nakrutok.

Granite facing tiles

Granite tiles for exterior cladding as well as tiling granite decorative tiles for interior decoration are always organically combined with any style from modern and high-tech to baroque and constructivism.

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