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Granite strips

What are the sizes of granite strips

Our company produces strips up to 310 cm long and 83 cm wide, with a standard thickness of 20 and 30 mm, but individually to order the thickness can be any. Such products are ideal as semi-finished products for further use.
We own a wide base of raw materials, among which more than twenty species of granite Ukrainian origin of different textures and colors.

Price of granite band

Thanks to the production capacity of our enterprise, carry out manufacture granite band, whose price depends on the size and additional processing on the non-facial side. We offer a flexible system of discounts, if you are ready to order and buy a granite band at a volume of 200 m2. 

Time of performance of the order

If the product you need is out of stock, the lead time for your order will depend on how many square meters of granite banding you want to buy, whether the selected material is available, what the production load and so on, but not less than 4 working days. Contact our consultant, and he will tell you the term of your order.

Use and types of granite strip processing

The methods of use of granite tiles made of raw materials of natural origin are quite diverse. The most relevant positions are the following:

  • Window sills;
  • Steps;
  • Countertops;
  • Monuments;
  • Facades;
  • Plinths;
  • Fireplaces and others.

Often, granite tiles are used for ritual purposes, so we offer the opportunity to buy granite as a band, a fence for the grave, tombstone or lining.

Despite its hardness, the stone is easy to work with. During manufacture we offer the following options to choose from:

  • Sawing. In this case, the granite tile acquires a smooth texture. This method is universal, and therefore - classified as a design;
  • Grinding. The method provides for matte, smoothness. Often seen in the interior, but will be suitable for street decoration and landscaping;
  • Polishing. This option gives a smooth finish and gloss. Actively function in the living space (countertops, window frames, handrails). Also, you can order a polished tombstone, which is in high demand in the ritual field;
  • Heat treatment. Heat treatment gives a rough surface. Typically installed on the street, as they are anti-slip.
  • Processing of tiles made of granite occurs on the front side of the factory. If there is a need, special production conditions are stipulated.

In return, our manager will advise and help you choose the method of processing, offering the best option for the individual needs of everyone.

Benefits of ordering granite bars at Granum

We are a manufacturer of products and semi-finished products of granite banding in Ukraine. This means that you do not have to pay for the services of intermediaries. We provide an opportunity to buy a band of granite, a quality product firsthand at the price of the manufacturer.
We are ready to guarantee: 

  • product quality;
  • Delivery of products of the right size and suitable geometry;
  • compliance with the norms DSTU;
  • Compliance with agreements and terms of shipment;
  • prompt delivery to Ukraine;
  • convenient payment options.

Granite strips

Granite in strips, which you can buy in the company Granum at producer price, is used as a semi-finished product in the manufacture of various products. Since the band granite has no joints, its scope is quite diverse. This means that the granite band goes to the manufacture of beautiful and durable products from natural stone: tabletops, tiles for floors and facades, window sills, stairs. Strips are also used in ritual sphere for monuments and other elements of decoration of tombs. This material is decorated curbs and sidewalk.

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