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Granite Sculptures

How to order a sculpture or a bas-relief

  • You send us a photo or design project for evaluation.
  • We estimate the work and tell you the cost and terms of production.
  • After receiving the prepayment (50%), our experts develop 3D model of the sculpture, select the type of granite, choose the best combination of materials and decorative elements.
  • Final agreement of the project with our customer.
  • Manufacturing.

How much does it cost to order a granite sculpture

The cost of ordering a granite sculpture or bas-relief is individual and depends on many factors: the complexity of the sculpture, the type of granite, material consumption, type of final processing. Also on the price of the project may affect possible additional handiwork of sculptors. To understand the cost of a product you can see the typical projects that we produce.

What is the advantage of making sculpture on CNC machines

Modern machining centers, which with a set of cutters, cutters and grinding heads can perfectly recreate 3D model in granite have the following advantages

  • perfect accuracy in recreating the computer's three-dimensional model,
  • high speed of production of the model in stone, incomparable with manual labor,
  • Minimization of sculptors' manual labor,
  • absence of marriage,
  • low cost.

Would you like to order a sculpture from granite in a garden, park or cemetery on the tomb? Granum company offers you to choose from a catalog of ready-made models or to order the production of your designs. We employ highly qualified specialists, using modern equipment, the prices are among the lowest in the industry, and lead time is minimal. We will help you with delivery of the order to any point in Ukraine.

Granite Sculptures

If you have an idea to order the manufacture of granite sculptures, our team will translate your idea into stone. Incarnation is carried out with the help of qualified 3D modelers - artists and machinists of the highest class on CNC machines. Use of CNC machines for granite sculptures greatly reduces the cost of production.

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