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Borders of granite

Standard dimensions of granite curbs

Curbs are differentiated by purpose and, accordingly, by size, based on the purpose, according to another GOST.
For granite sidewalk edging GP1 and GP2 are used more often. For the garden and sidewalk paths, on the grave, GP4 and GP5, for roads GP1 and GP3 is used.
We also produce and radius curbs as GOST, and according to individual sizes.

How much does a granite curb

The cost of a granite curb is composed of the price of granite grade and size. The price of a border stone made of granite is calculated from cost of one running meter. For wholesale customers there is a flexible system of discounts, if necessary we will send you samples of granite.

Borders by type of processing

There are several types of granite kerb on the type of processing:

  • Polished. Has a purely decorative value. Most often used at tombs or landscaping plots.
  • Sawn. Standard type of border with sawn matted edges.
  • Heat-treated. Has a highly rough surface.
  • Stabbed. Has an uneven edge with an antique stylization.

How to buy or order a granite curb

Buy or order a granite curb at the price of the manufacturer on the site by using our catalog. You can call, chat or use the callback function, and our specialist will advise you of all your needs. We deliver your order to any city in Ukraine. We are waiting for your calls.

Borders of granite

Buy curbs of granite at producer price you can on our website. We offer all types of curbs (or kerbstones) from GP 1 to GP 5, which is used for forming and ennoblement roads, sidewalks, garden paths and areas in public places.

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