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Lidings slabs of granite

Such products perform two important functions:

  • Protect brick fences and parapets from soaking and subsequent destruction,
  • Add aesthetic and noble appearance to fences, especially if the texture and color are matched to the tone of the exterior.

How much does it cost to cover a slab of granite

The cost of natural stone slabs depends on several factors: the price of granite grade, complexity of fabrication and material consumption, surface finish. Also on the price influences volume of the order. When ordering in bulk granite cover plates operates a system of flexible discounts.

What is a covering slab?

Since slabs and cover plates have a protective function as a fence or enclosure, the outer surface can be not only flat, but also angular (one-slope), two-slope. To give a more aesthetic appearance at the ends are removed shaped chamfers. On the back plane of the roof rim a drip edge is cut. Some designs of stone slabs to give a more massive appearance, additional elements are glued to the bottom of the end face. 

Why is granite preferred for covering slabs?

Any construction material will deteriorate under the influence of external factors. Granite is highly resistant to weather factors and durable, which is why it is chosen as the material for covering slabs, covers for fences and parapets. The main advantages of granite covers are as follows:

  • Resistance to weather factors and temperature fluctuations,
  • wear resistance and hardness,
  • high water resistance,
  • durability, counted in tens of years, centuries,
  • maintainability: easily restorable if necessary,
  • unpretentiousness (does not require special care and cleaning),
  • eco-friendly material,
  • aesthetic appearance,
  • affordable cost.

How to buy or order cover boards

To buy or order granite slabs at an affordable price for the construction and facing work, you need to choose a catalog of ready-made proposals or contact our specialists in any way convenient for you, listed on the website and order production of your design. We will not only answer all your questions, but also help you with modification of the project. We look forward to your calls!

Lidings slabs of granite

Granum Company offers you to buy granite covers and plates for fences, posts and papert at the price of the manufacturer.

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