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Granite steps and stairs

The advantages of steps from a granite

Granite stairs and steps have the following advantages over all others:

  • Long service life, measured in decades,
  • A wide choice of grades of granite, and accordingly, unique colors and textures,
  • do not squeak,
  • do not wear out,
  • resistant to temperature changes,
  • water-resistant: the dense structure of natural stone does not allow moisture to penetrate,
  • do not burn out and do not lose their appearance,
  • easy to clean,
  • does not require additional care.

How much does it cost to order steps or stairs

The cost of granite steps or stairs depends on many factors: they overhead or solid, the granite grade, type of surface treatment, order volume. Price steps of standard size is taken on the basis of one meter, non-standard is calculated by a specialist on the basis of performance specification. For orders in bulk we have a system of flexible discounts, if necessary we will send you samples of granite.

Standard sizes of steps

Steps and stairs are usually made to individual sizes, but there are also standard steps of width 350 mm, the length is calculated in linear meters. The optimum thickness of 30 mm steps (less than that may break, more - unnecessary expense of material), and tread (tread) - 20 mm.
A platform porch is customary to lay granite tiles.

Types of granite steps and stairs

There are two basic types of granite steps and stairs:

  • Solid. Most often used in public places on the street, where a lot of people walk. They stand out for their weather resistance and durability. Easy to dismantle and can be reused after restoration work. Usually installed on a metal frame.
  • Overhead. Used both in the interior and exterior. A concrete base is made under them. They are performed both rectangular and radial. Because the overhead granite stairs consist of 2 parts (step and tread), you can experiment with a selection of colors and textures, for example, make a "carpet track" on the steps.

Stypes of steps

There are 2 basic types of steps:

  • Rectangular. Easy to make and install. Used for both solid and overhead granite steps and stairs.
  • Radial. They are made according to the program on CNC machines. Are used only with the applied steps.

How to buy or order stairs and steps from granite

When ordering should be considered, the steps for the stairs indoors can be made polished or even polished, and for the street they are better to do heat-treated to increase the roughness of the surface. Buy standard granite steps or order the stairs to order at the manufacturer's price you can have at us, pre-selecting the type of granite in our catalog. Our specialist will help with the selection as well as the calculation of material consumption and the cost of the order. Delivery of granite steps and stairs we carry out anywhere in Ukraine.

Granite steps and stairs

Granum company offers to buy ready granite steps for porch or order facing of stairs from the heat-treated granite at the reasonable price. A wide variety of varieties of granite will expand the choice of color and texture of the product, which provide a wide range of your imagination.

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