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Fountains of granite

How much does it cost to order a fountain of granite

Fountains of granite - a unique product and the price depends on many factors: the type of granite, complexity of manufacturing, surface treatment and so on. We suggest you look at the typical projects of fountains so you can compare their cost with a variant of their design. If the order is large and complex, it is possible to send the customer samples of granite varieties.
Why it is better to make fountains of granite
Granite is a natural stone with its unique color and texture, fountains of which have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • durability,
  • Temperature resistance, including to sudden changes in temperature,
  • impact resistance,
  • water resistance,
  • safety (does not emit harmful substances),
  • unpretentiousness (easy care),aesthetics.

Types of granite fountains

There are 3 main types of fountains made of natural stone, which we produce:

  • Park Fountains. Usually these are large structures to improve landscape architecture. They are placed in public recreation areas - parks, squares, squares and are a landmark of the city. In recent years, similar fountains are placed in private areas of villas and cottages.
  • Floor fountains. They are used as an interior element, partly indicating the status of the institution. They are placed in banks, hotels, shopping and office centers.
  • Table fountains. They have a small size, improve the decor of the room and serve more as air humidifiers.

How to order a granite fountain

We produce granite fountains as our own ready-made projects, and according to individual customer drawings. After approving the layout of the product, we make the order as soon as possible. Also we will send your order anywhere in Ukraine. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fountains of granite

We offer to order the manufacture of granite fountain of any complexity at producer price by your design or ready-made project from our catalog. Typically, it is a park or garden structures in places for recreation.

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