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Balassins and railings of granite

Our production manufactures balusters and railings of both classic and original forms:
- chiseled (round section),
- hewn (rectangular section),
- Carved (with handmade patterns).

How much does it cost to order granite balusters and railings

The cost of granite handrails and balusters depends on several factors: the type of granite, the complexity of manufacturing products, material consumption, order volume. For large volumes as well as bulk orders we have a flexible system of discounts and providing samples of granite to the customer.

What are granite balusters and railings

Some specific standards do not exist, but it is customary to make chiseled balusters with a diameter ranging from 100 to 200 mm, height - from 700 mm to 1 meter. Railings are made in widths from 110 to 600 mm, thicknesses from 30 to 200 mm and lengths up to 3 meters. Depending on the preferences of the customer the surface is either ground or polished.

Benefits of granite balusters and railings

The main advantages of products made of natural stone are:

  • variety of colors and textures,
  • Resistance to natural factors, chemical and mechanical stress,
  • water resistance,
  • With time does not lose its appearance,
  • Do not require additional care and repair,
  • durability and strength.

How to buy or order balusters and railings

To buy ready-made versions of granite balusters and railings or order their production of your own design, look through our catalog or contact our specialist, who will also help with a selection of varieties of granite, as well as help with the design of balusters and railings to the technology of production. Ready-made orders we send anywhere in Ukraine. Call us by phone, write us in chat or order a callback, and we will realize your ideas in the stone.

Balassins and railings of granite

Granum company offers custom granite balusters and handrails at manufacturer's price. They are a decorative fence for balustrades, staircases and balconies, both for interior and exterior.

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