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Labradorite Osnykovsky (Irina Blue)

The material of the finished product has a deep black color and interesting coloring, which makes it in demand in any sphere. Such products are able to give the interior a special atmosphere of coziness. Among the advantages of the product are the following:
Good mechanical data. Labradorite is resistant to environmental factors.

  • Durability. Products made of stone can last for decades, retaining their original appearance.
  • Durability. Does not react to temperature, blows, scratches.
  • Universality. Can be applied in all spheres of construction and design.
  • Ecological compatibility. Refers to the first class of radiation. This means that it has no radiation background and is completely safe for the environment.

Granite tiles are popular in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. We provide the opportunity to order products made of natural stone to individual sizes.

Labradorite combines excellent mechanical properties and universal appearance. Because of this, the stone can be used in the following areas:

  • Landscape design. For example, paving sidewalk tiles in the yard.
  • Architecture. For cladding the facade or plinth. Particularly popular is the cladding of entrance groups.
  • Construction. Fences and barriers of black stone take leading positions on the market.
  • Interior. It is possible to use large-format plates for facing walls, a bathroom and a kitchen. A separate place is taken by table tops, window sills and stairs from Labradorite.
  • Ritual sphere. Black stone is usually used to create a unique memorial complex or as a tombstone.

The wide sphere of application of fossil stone allows it to be realized in all directions. Today, we can meet this natural stone in any store, business center, shopping complex and apartment building. It will not lose its popularity for decades. And for selection of optimum sizes for your needs, you can contact our manager.
Commercial Name: Irina Blue

Main physicochemical characteristics of Osnykovsky labradorite
Volumetric weight 2815 kg/m3
Compressive strength 80 МРа
Wipeability 0,53 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,1%
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Heat treatment
  • Abrasive brushing

Labradorite Osnykovsky (Irina Blue)

Products made of labradorite from Osnykivka deposit, you can order and buy on our website for an affordable price, are used both for interior and exterior. Labradorite is mined in Zhytomyr region near the village of Osnyky. The fossil is characterized by its black or dark-green color with blue inclusions with pearl iridescence and the structure of large grains.

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