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There are only 3 deposits of Gabbro in the world - Karelia, Australia and Ukraine, so you have an almost unique opportunity to order products from Gabbro at a very low price, since imported raw materials are at least 2 times more expensive.
Gabbro can be used in any industry, as it belongs to the first class of radiation. This means that the rock is completely safe for the environment and human health. Among the main advantages of fossil: resistance to environmental factors, durability, environmental friendliness and good mechanical characteristics.
Given that we have our own production, we offer to buy black granite at a bargain price and without intermediary nakrutok. It is worth noting that the stone does not react to irritants: friction, impact, chipping, temperature, scratches and others. Products made of gabbro can serve more than one hundred years without requiring any special care.

Black granite in design

Gabbro, without exception, is used in all areas. Most often it is used as a facing material for interiors and exteriors. Also, the stone is popular in landscape design and construction.
Black granite is often used to finish steps, stairs and entrances. For this purpose, the stone is polished or treated with high temperatures. When polished, the surface becomes shiny and glossy. If the fossil is thermally treated, it becomes rough. Also, the plates of Gabbro are used for making countertops, window sills and other items for home and street. It is also possible to treat the outer side by grinding. Then the surface becomes matte and pleasant to the touch.
For black granite Gabbro is characterized by a large amount of feldspar. He is responsible for a saturation of color and density. Pay attention, we ourselves carry out final processing of rocks on the innovative equipment. Our assortment includes not only slabs, but also slabs, strips and other formats of products, which you can see in the catalog on the website.

Commercial name: Gabbro Kometa Black GB2

The main physical and chemical characteristics of Gabbro
Volumetric weight 2950 kg/m3
Compressive strength 280 МРа
Wipeability 0.58 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,11%
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Heat treatment
  • Abrasive brushing


On our site you can buy black Gabbro granite at producer price, which has a deep black or dark green color and a uniform uniform structure of fine grains. Stone is hard enough and lends itself to almost all types of treatment. Our production offers a black granite Ukrainian deposit.

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