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Сrosses for the grave

There are no standard sizes of crosses, but there is a variation of one-piece or prefabricated products. It is clear that for the manufacture of a solid cross of the blank implies a greater consumption of material, which affects its value. On such a cross usually use plates of the following standard sizes:

  • 100x50x5 cm:
  • 120x60x5 cm;
  • 140x70x5 cm.

Or may use plates of custom size, depending on individual customer requirements.
Assembled cross is cut from billets with less loss of material, and machining parts of the product is much easier, so it is cheaper.

How much does it cost to order a granite cross for the tomb

The cost of the granite gravestone cross depends on several factors: the origin of natural stone for the product, the complexity of manufacturing and material consumption, the number of carved elements of the product, final surface treatment, the amount of engraving work. Also offer wholesale customers flexible discounts for bulk orders. If necessary, we will send you samples of materials.

Types of crosses

Crosses differ not only by the method of manufacture (solid or prefabricated). Crosses can vary in the number of lintels, depending on the beliefs of the deceased. The simplest Catholic cross comes with one lintel. More complicated, with two, the Orthodox cross - one lintel is straight, and the second - oblique. The most complicated is the old Orthodox cross. It has another oblique lintel on top.
There are also differences in the shape of the lintels themselves. They can be oblique, triangular or rounded. There can be additional facets. Sometimes the ends of the crosses are made in the form of a "cat's paw", when the ends of the cross are cut into three semicircles.
Also order crosses on a pedestal or partially carved crosses in the tombstone, as well as crosses holgotha (see photo).
Depending on the origin of granite, the crosses can be black, white, red, gray, etc.

How to order and buy a monument to the cross

We offer to buy a standard cross, which you can choose from a catalog, or order a customized project at manufacturer's price. Our experts will help you in choosing and developing the unique design of the monument in the form of a cross of granite. 
We look forward to your orders.

Сrosses for the grave

You can order a unique design of granite crosses or buy a standard type of granite crosses at the company Granum at an affordable price. As Ukraine is mainly an Orthodox country, we usually put granite crosses instead of ordinary monuments to mark this way the faith of the deceased. Using ritual religious symbols accepted not only in Christianity, but in any faith: Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.

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