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Vases, Pots, Lampades

Standard sizes of vases and pots

There are no standards for the vases and pots of natural stone, but the most popular are granite vases 30, 40, 50 cm in height and 12, 15, 20 cm in diameter. Vases made of granite - 15, 20, 25, 30 cm in height and 20, 30, 40 cm in diameter. Lampades of granite - 20-25 cm in height and about 15 cm in diameter.

How much does it cost to buy vases and vases

The cost of granite vases, vases and lamps vary depending on the type of granite, but mostly on the expense of material, complexity of manufacturing and surface finish. Prices for our products you can look below in the table of our catalog. For wholesale customers we are ready to give good discounts, and if necessary, we will send you samples of granite.

Why should we install vases and pots?

When visiting the grave of a loved one, relatives of the deceased usually leave flowers, wreaths, bouquets on the grave. If all this is just put on the grave, it often will not look very neat, the wind can disarrange the composition of flowers.
Granite vases can be used for planting fresh flowers. Vases - for bouquets of both fresh and artificial compositions.
According to size, vases and vases can be divided into:

  • Large-sized. Can accommodate several small bouquets of flowers or one large one. These are usually installed on family double graves, large memorial complexes.
  • Medium. Used to place a usual bouquet.
  • Semi-vazons (corners). One side of them is flat, so the vase can be closer to the stele of the tombstone.

Like any other granite products, vases and pots will last for many years, while not requiring any special care, look expensive and efficient.
Most often for such products use black, gray and red varieties of granite and their shades. We work with more than 20 deposits in Ukraine, so the choice we have a wide range.

Where to order or buy vases, vases or lampshades

To order the production or to buy the proposed in the catalog of vases, vases or lampshades you can in our store at an affordable price. The cost of our products will pleasantly surprise you, because we are a manufacturer and we do not have extra surcharges on goods. You can order the production of decorative elements of natural stone on the grave and just to consult with our specialists, contact us in any way convenient for you. We look forward to your calls.

Vases, Pots, Lampades

Vases, pots and lampades of granite, order or buy them in our catalog at an affordable price are essential decorative elements of any cemetery monument.

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