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Tables and benches

Granite tables and benches in comparison with other materials:

  • have a long service life,
  • do not require constant care,
  • Aesthetic and original look thanks to the texture of natural stone.

The most important advantage of granite is a high resistance to different weather conditions: natural stone has a high density and moisture absorption of 0.2%, so even at the most severe frosts and periodic thaws is not destroyed.

How much does it cost to order a granite table and benches at the cemetery

Table and benches can be made from rectangular plates and bars, and you can go with a fancy, shaped with lots of decorative elements with a selection of different varieties of granite. Therefore, the cost of production can be different. Low prices correspond to simplicity of manufacturing benches and tables. Our manufacture is able to provide wholesale ritual workshops and other small funeral organizations. There is a flexible system of discounts. At will of the customer we will send samples of granite breeds.

What are the sizes of granite tables and benches at the cemetery are

There are no standard sizes of such products. Those products, which are presented in our catalog are the most popular sizes of tables and benches, which are usually ordered. 
For example:

  • round table tops with a diameter of 50 cm or rectangular with a size of 50x50 cm or 100x50 cm;
  • Legs (both tables and benches) from 10x10 to 15x15 cm, as well as shaped, reminiscent of balusters. The height of legs for tables is about 80 cm, for benches - 40 cm;
  • Benches are usually made equal to the length of the table top, 20 cm wide and 5 cm thick. There are non-standard, for example, semicircular granite benches for round table tops.

How to order or buy a table and a bench from a granite

You can choose and buy ready models of granite tables and benches offered in our catalog at the manufacturer's price. However, if you have an idea with your own design, our specialists will help you develop a suitable project and translate it into stone. Please contact us, we will promptly solve your needs. We will also arrange delivery of your order to your city. We look forward to your calls and appeals.

Tables and benches

You can order production or buy ready granite tables and benches at an affordable price in our store. Tables and benches made of granite are usually set next to the place of burial, at the tomb. Such products made of natural stone are worthy of dignity and long life. Unlike metal and wooden, they do not need to repaint frequently, to monitor the condition, etc.

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