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Fences, plinths

Fences, guards and other protective elements of the basement on the tomb made of granite are the most practical solution. Such a fence does not need to be annually repainted, and its appearance is aesthetic and beautiful at any time of year.

Standard sizes of the fence on the tomb

The law defines an area of 1.8 by 2 meters for a single grave and 2 by 2.5 meters for a family grave. Based on these data and offer in our catalog of granite fences and guards. However, before buying, you should re-measure the actual size of the burial, so that then there were no surprises, you should accurately determine the size of the fencing plinth.

How much does it cost to order a granite fence on the grave

The cost of ordering granite fences and enclosures depends on several factors: the price of the material depending on the deposit of natural stone, complexity of manufacturing the base, ready-made offer or custom design. Wholesale customers a flexible system of discounts, as well as, if necessary, send samples of granite.

Features of the design of fences

Fences at cemeteries are usually decorative. The height of fences usually does not exceed half a meter. It is not customary to set high fences in our time. Granite fences at the cemetery usually consist of the following elements:

  • plinth (base),
  • columns,
  • balusters.

They can be in simple form and decorated with various additional decorative elements and figures.
The advantages of such fences made of granite are obvious:

  • Natural polished stone looks aesthetically pleasing,
  • easy to clean by wiping or even rain,
  • Durable and strong.

How to buy or order a fence made of granite?

To buy a granite fence, you can look at the catalog and choose the option that you like the most. Otherwise, you can contact our specialist, who will help you to determine or develop an individual design of granite fence on the grave. After manufacturing the order we will provide all logistics and you will receive your order at any point in Ukraine. We look forward to your calls.

Fences, plinths

We offer to buy ready-made or to order individual design of fences on the grave at the price of the manufacturer. Granum company is engaged in processing of natural stone and sells a wide range of granite plinths.

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