The cooperation process is as follows:

  1. You contact us, or leave your number on the site, so that our manager can independently contact you;
  2. We calculate what is the price of natural stone products;
  3. Commissioning according to the contract;
  4. The process of shipment and delivery.

The price for stone products is formed depending on:

  • The volume of the order;
  • Product sizes;
  • Method of processing;
  • The presence of additional elements on the product.

We invite design bureaus, construction, architectural, trade and ritual companies to cooperate.

We offer loyal conditions for effective cooperation, prioritizing the highest quality of products.  Also, we actively cooperate with individuals, offering competitive prices without intermediary markups.

We deliver to any regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Germany and other countries.

We guarantee a high level of professionalism and responsibility in the production of granite products, taking into account the individual wishes of the client.