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Rachny-Polevsky granite (Pantera Grey)

Products from Rachny-Polevsky stone can complement any style of modern design. Granite slabs are versatile in their application, for which they are very popular in the market. Thanks to the pattern, you can easily create interesting compositions, thereby giving the interior a special charm.
Rachny-Polevsky granite products fit into any design: from classical to modern. Due to its qualitative indicators, it is in great demand in Europe. The scope of application of tiles is wide, almost without limitation. In addition to its noble appearance, granite has a number of advantages, including:

  • High strength to mechanical damage. Resistant to high loads, shocks and scratches.
  • Resistant to weather conditions. Does not react to sharp temperature changes, the sun and frost.
  • The level of water absorption is 0.2%. It means that the stone does not absorb moisture, water and other liquids.
  • Eco-friendliness. Refers to 1 (First) class of radiation and is completely safe for nature and humans. Can be used for both internal and external works.

Products made of this rock may safely serve for dozens or even hundreds of years. Rachny-Polevsky granite is most often used as a facing material. For example, a good solution would be to use the stone for decorating the facade or ground floor, steps, and the kitchen. The unique dark gray color looks harmonious in combination with the lighting in the bathroom. Or as a window sill that receives the sun's rays. By the way, another advantage: It doesn't burn out in the sun and doesn't change color after a while.

Commercial name: Pantera Grey GP 8

The main physical and chemical characteristics of Rachny-Polevsky granite
Volumetric weight 2600 kg/m3
Compressive strength 210 МРа
Wipeability 0.64 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,25%
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Heat treatment
  • Abrasive brushing

Rachny-Polevsky granite (Pantera Grey)

Rakhny Polevsky stone, which is mined in Vinnitsa region, Tyvrovsky district, Rakhny Polevsky village, is famous for its unique coloring. The fossil is characterized by a rich dark gray color with light streaks. On the surface of the material, you can see a large-scale pattern, which is formed with crystal and purple veins.

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