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The tombstone slab of granite at the grave has several useful functions:

  • The slab is the foundation base for the entire monument, especially over time, when the elements of the monument will subside in the ground under their own weight;
  • it is a protection for dogs, cats and wild animals to tear the ground on the grave;
  • the grave will not overgrow with weeds and flower beds;
  • the tombstone together with the monument looks like a complete single composition.

Standard tombstone sizes

We produce (single) tombstones of the following standard sizes:

  • 80x40x5 cm;
  • 100x50x5 cm;
  • 120х60х5 cm.

If desired, we can produce a headstone to individual customer size.

How much does it cost to make granite tombstones

The cost of ordering granite tombstones depends on several parameters: the origin of granite, the size of the slab (standard or custom), shape, type and number of elements in the slab.

Tombstone finishing

Typically, granite slabs are made rectangular, as well as with rounded edges, volumetric shapes. Full or partial polishing of the elements of the tombstone is possible.
The slab can be fully or partially closed. Partially closed tombstones give the possibility to arrange a flower garden.
Also can be engraved on the slab in the portrait, drawing or an inscription.

How to order and buy a granite tombstone

Granum company offers you to order unique gravestones or buy a standard size tombstone at a really reasonable price. We are a manufacturer and the cost of the products we have no extra charge, as you can see by looking at our catalog of granite tombstones. If you have any additional questions, our consultant will answer them in detail, as well as help you to place an order. We look forward to your calls.
Wholesale customers can send samples.


You can order a tombstone or buy a ready-made granite tombstone with standard dimensions at an affordable price on our website.

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