Didkovici granite strips

Prices per m2

Didkovici granite strips

Strips of Didkovichi granite, which you can order on our website, by visiting the company or for contact information, have a delicate pink-brown tint and a medium-grained structure.

Didkovici granite strips
Didkovici granite strips
Didkovici granite strips



Heat Treatment

The fossil is characterized by a high level of strength and resistance. We offer sizes for strip production:

  • Length up to 310 cm;
  • Width up to 83 cm;
  • Any thickness.

We carry out processing in the following ways, at the choice of the customer:

  • Heat treatment;
  • Sawing;
  • Grinding;
  • Polishing.

Each of the methods is unique in its own way and suits a certain type of product.  Which way to choose for products is up to you.

Stripes of pink color, the price of which corresponds to the quality, are used as further production of interior and exterior elements.

Didkovici strips are practical to use, not affected by the atmosphere and are completely environmentally friendly.


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