Vasilievsky granite strips

Prices per m2

Vasilievsky granite strips

Stripes of Vasilievsky granite, green-red interspersed with black, have a medium-grained structure.  The fossil is in demand in Ukraine and other CIS countries and Europe.

Vasilievsky granite strips
Vasilievsky granite strips
Vasilievsky granite strips



Heat Treatment

Stripes from Vasilyevka are processed using the following methods:

  • Polishing.  Smooth and glossy surface;
  • Grinding.  Smooth and matte surface;
  • Sawing.  Smooth surface with minimal disc marks;
  • Heat treatment.  Rough surface.

Each of the methods has its own peculiarity, our specialists are ready to advise you free of charge on any questions that arise.

The sizes offered by our production:

  • Length up to 310 cm;
  • Width up to 83 cm;
  • Any thickness.

You can buy green granite strips from us.  We offer favorable conditions for cooperation and high quality of the product.


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