Osnykovsky Labradorite strips

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Osnykovsky Labradorite strips

Granite strips from Labradorite, which can be bought in Ukraine, have an elegant black color and a coarse-grained structure.

Osnykovsky Labradorite strips
Osnykovsky Labradorite strips
Osnykovsky Labradorite strips



Heat Treatment

Labradorite in the strip is used as a blank for the subsequent production of interior and exterior decor elements.  The fossil is in demand in many areas due to its aesthetic appearance and good mechanical properties.

Osnykovsky labradorite is processed in the following ways:

  • Polishing;
  • Grinding;
  • Sawing;
  • Heat treatment.

Each of the methods is good in its own way and is capable of completely changing the original appearance.

The sizes of the Labradorite strips we offer are:

  • Length up to 310 cm;
  • Width up to 83 cm;
  • Any thickness.

Manufacturing is carried out exclusively according to the size of the customer, with the desired processing method and the presence of additional elements.