Mezherichensky granite strips

Prices per m2

Mezherichensky granite strips

The strips of Mezherichensky granite, which you can order on the website, have a fine-grained structure and a yellow color with dark inclusions.

Mezherichensky granite strips
Mezherichensky granite strips
Mezherichensky granite strips



Heat Treatment

Yellow granite stripes are popular due to their original color and good parameters.  We produce strips of yellow stone wholesale and retail, according to individual customer sizes.  The following processing options are possible:

  • Grinding;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Polishing;
  • Sawing.

Each of the methods is unique and can change the appearance of the product beyond recognition.

Dimensions of granite strips that we produce:

  • Length up to 310 cm;
  • Width up to 83 cm;
  • Any thickness.

Also, depending on the purpose of the granite strip, not every processing option is suitable.  With regard to the choice, our experts will advise you.


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