Slabs from Sophia granite

Prices per m2

Slabs from Sophia granite

Slab from Sophia granite, the price of which corresponds to the quality and characteristics of the rock, has a gray-yellow color and medium-grained structure.

Slabs from Sophia granite
Slabs from Sophia granite



The fossil is mined on the territory of the Ukrainian quarry and has excellent mechanical properties.  Processing options that we carry out:

  • Polishing;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Sawing;
  • Grinding.

You can buy slabs from Sophia granite from us, we offer optimal conditions for cooperation.

Granite slabs Sofiyivka can be used in all types of construction work, since they do not produce radiation and are completely environmentally friendly material.

Slabs from Sofiyivka are used for the production of countertops, steps, window sills, benches, facing material and flooring.  Therefore, the products are universal in use.


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