Slabs from Novodanilovsky granite

Prices per m2

Slabs from Novodanilovsky granite

Slabs made of natural granite from the Novodanilovsky deposit are red with black and brown blotches.  The fossil has a medium-grained structure.

Slabs from Novodanilovsky granite
Slabs from Novodanilovsky granite



Heat Treatment

Processing takes place in the following ways:

  •  Sawing;
  •  Grinding;
  •  Heat treatment;
  •  Polishing.

The quality of products depends on a large extent on equipment, therefore our production uses high-tech machines for cutting blocks, as a result of which we get a product that meets all the highest quality standards.

You can buy slabs made of stone, the price of which depends on the size, volume of the order, processing method and the availability of additional elements.  In turn, we provide loyal conditions for cooperation.


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