Slabs from Kapustinsky granite

Prices per m2

Slabs from Kapustinsky granite

Slab from Kapustinsky has a rich red-brown color, interspersed with black and brown shades.

Slabs from Kapustinsky granite
Slabs from Kapustinsky granite
Slabs from Kapustinsky granite



Heat Treatment

The coarse-grained structure of the product allows you to create exclusive and unique elements of the interior: red granite steps, red granite window sills, fireplaces from Kapustinsky, granite countertops and many others, as well as the exterior: entrance groups from red granite, base from red granite, granite red facade and others.

Slab processing options:

  • Grinding;
  • Sawing;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Polishing.

The production of products takes place precisely according to the size of the client, taking into account his preferences and needs.

You can buy a slab from Kapustinsky granite, the price of which corresponds to its characteristics, from us.  In turn, we will provide a free consultation regarding commodity items and favorable conditions for cooperation.