Gabbro granite slabs

Prices per m2

Gabbro granite slabs

Gabbro slabs, the price of which corresponds to the quality, are in demand in the fields of construction, landscape design and interior design.

Gabbro granite slabs
Gabbro granite slabs
Gabbro granite slabs



Heat Treatment

The type of stone contributes to the fact that products can be made from slabs that suit any style.  The deep black color and fine grain structure look expensive and indicate the owner’s taste.

We offer several processing methods:

  • Polishing;
  • Sawing;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Grinding.

The customer decides which method to use, in turn – our specialists are ready to consult for free.

Black granite slab is in demand among construction and trading companies, to which we provide special conditions for cooperation.


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