Granite slabs Didkovichi

Prices per m2

Granite slabs Didkovichi

Slabs Didkovichi, the price of which corresponds to the high physical characteristics of the breed, have a medium grain structure.  The fossil has a characteristic pink-brown color, but depending on the processing method, the structure and shade can change.

Granite slabs Didkovichi
Granite slabs Didkovichi
Granite slabs Didkovichi



Heat Treatment

We offer a choice of the following methods by which slabs will be processed:

  • Sawing;
  • Polishing;
  • Grinding;
  • Heat treatment.

We make pink slabs, which you can buy from us, according to the individual parameters of the customer.

You can buy pink slabs from us, which are characterized by high indicators of resistance to external stimuli (shock, temperature, chips, scratches and others), therefore actinotherapy is used not only as interior decoration, but also as a building material for external work.