Tokovsky granite: slabs

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Tokovsky granite: slabs

Current granite has a fine grain structure. The stone has a characteristic reddish-brown color and splashes of dark shades. Natural stone is used exclusively for exterior cladding, as it belongs to the second class of radioactivity. However, it does not contain components that can harm the environment and human health.

Due to its excellent mechanical and physical characteristics, Current is in demand in the construction industry. The fossil is popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Tokovsky granite: slabs
Tokovsky granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

Tokovsky granite from a manufacturer in Ukraine

Natural stone slabs combine practicality, durability and aesthetics. Tokovsky granite is famous for its unique structure and high strength. Among the advantages of the breed can also be distinguished:

  • Moisture resistance. The water absorption index is 0.12. This means that it does not absorb moisture, gasoline and other liquids.
  • Hardness. Practically does not react to chips, scratches and other irritants.
  • Weather resistance. Tokovsky granite is not afraid of a high level of frost and active sunlight.
  • Color saturation. Saturated red with a hint of brown is considered a versatile material.
  • Impact resistance. The stone is indifferent to impacts and is able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Not afraid of pollution. It is easy to clean from any kind of pollution. To do this, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Tokovsky granite, in most cases, is used for flooring and finishing of facades, plinths, fences. After all, its main advantage is the lack of reaction to external stimuli.

Buy Tokovsky granite wholesale and retail

Our production provides an opportunity to buy Tokovsky granite in large and small batches, and also – individually. We provide each customer with favorable terms of cooperation. Among the other advantages of Granum:

  1. 20 years of experience.
  2. Large-format granite slabs from the Tokovo field are always available. They can be edged to your size.
  3. Several processing options to choose from or a combination of them: polishing, grinding, heat treatment.
  4. Discount system for orders from 200 m2.
  5. High quality material. As we select blocks only of the first categories, without cracks and rather equal shade.
  6. Assistance with delivery and in resolving customs issues.
  7. Individual sizes for everyone’s needs: length, width, thickness.
  8. Daily manager support and answers to all questions.

Please note that the price is calculated individually. The final cost of granite slabs is affected by the following factors:

  • Size;
  • Processing method;
  • Existence of additional elements, for example chamfers;
  • Order volume.

You can get detailed information and order Tokovsky granite by leaving an application on the website in the “Contacts” section or by calling the specified number. The manager will advise you and you will receive answers to all questions. We are sure that the quality of our products will not leave you indifferent.


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