Korninsky granite: slabs

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Korninsky granite: slabs

On the site you can buy tiles made of natural stone from the Korninskoye deposit, which has a dark gray color interspersed with black and brown, as well as a coarse grain structure.

Korninsky granite: slabs
Korninsky granite: slabs
Korninsky granite: slabs



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Buy natural stone tiles from the manufacturer

The tile from a stone of gray color of the Korninsky field is made by our enterprise in Ukraine, the Zhytomyr region. You can buy natural stone tiles both in production and online. Due to the unique color of the stone, granite slabs are used in all areas of construction, becoming a key design element.

We offer to buy tiles made of natural stone with a number of advantages, including:

  • Sustainability. The rock has a compressive strength of 190 MPa and a bending strength of 29 MPa;
  • Durability. The material is able to last hundreds of years without losing its physical characteristics;
  • Original appearance. The original color of the stone in its structure resembles a leopard pattern;
  • Waterproof. The water absorption of Korninsky granite is only 0.31%;
  • Does not absorb gases and liquids that could affect the appearance of the product. Thanks to this feature, Korninsky granite is regularly used in the kitchen as countertops.
  • Environmental friendliness. The fossil belongs to the 1st (first) class of radiation. This means that it is completely safe for the environment and human health;
  • Due to the unique shade of the rock, Korninsky granite tiles are used in any finishing work, whether in the house or on the street.
  • The presence of feldspar. This property gives the stone a beautiful shine. With the help of high-quality polishing, you can emphasize it.

Korninsky granite is actively used as an interior and exterior finish. For example, stone can be used both for facing a fireplace and for finishing the facade of a building. Or for countertops in the kitchen and window sill. It will perfectly complement any interior, becoming its central part and a certain feature.

To buy natural stone tiles, you just need to leave a request on our website or contact the manager by phone number. We are ready to consult you free of charge, to help you decide on the choice, size and quantity, based on many years of experience. Often, we have Korninsky granite tiles in stock. Therefore, the terms of production and return of the order can be minimal.

Recall that we offer a wide range of natural stone: granite, gabbro, labradorite. More than 20 breeds, different shades and structures are available.