Zhadkovsky granite: slabs

Prices per m2

Zhadkovsky granite: slabs

Slabs from Zhadkovsky granite have a characteristic red-brown color and a medium grain structure. The stone belongs to the first class of radioactivity, which means that it is completely environmentally friendly. Granite tiles, the price of which is indicated on the site, can be used in all types of construction work.

Zhadkovsky granite: slabs
Zhadkovsky granite: slabs
Zhadkovsky granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

Granite tiles: price from the manufacturer

Zhadkovsky granite is considered to be an extremely successful option for facing works. Granite tiles, the price of which is formed by the manufacturer, are popular all over the world. The stone has all the characteristics that ensure its long-term and high-quality operation.

Top positions that are most often ordered from us:

  • Modular tiles: 30x30x2. Often used for cladding facades and basements.
  • Strip. For further edging to size for worktops, window sills and steps.
  • Slab. It can be used as a large-format cladding, for tables, steps or railings.
  • Fully sawn pavement. As a material for paving roads and paths.

The sizes of a granite tile can be different and depend only on preferences of customers. Among the most popular:

  1. 20×30;
  2. 30×30;
  3. 40×30;
  4. 50×30;
  5. 60×30.
  6. The current thickness is 2 and 3 cm.

The standard production time is 2-3 weeks. But in most cases, blanks from this breed are available in stock. In this case, the time of return of the order is significantly reduced. We are responsible for the quality of all our products and every year we try to improve it.

Granite tiles: price and its formation

The cost of Zhadkovsky granite is calculated individually. Granite tiles and price depend on the following factors:

  • Size (length, width, thickness).
  • Processing method (polishing, grinding, heat treatment).
  • The presence of additional elements (bevel, pattern).

Our experts will help you choose the right size for your needs. For example, the width of 30-35 cm is considered to be the most demanded step size. For this, we advise you to order a slab and get less waste. As a result, the price will be lower. Or 86% of window sills and countertops are up to 60 cm wide and up to 120 cm long. Then it is best to take a strip and all that remains is to apply a chamfer.

Zhadkovsky granite has a relatively high cost, this is due to its quality characteristics. The stone is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and does not absorb moisture and other liquids. The fossil has a high level of strength, which is why it can be used in any field of activity. Granite tiles can be used not only as an external cladding, but also internal. For example, popular positions are countertops, steps, entrance groups and plinths.


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