Rakhny-Polevsky granite: slabs

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Rakhny-Polevsky granite: slabs

Rakhny-Polevsky stone, from which granite slabs are produced, is famous for its unique color. The fossil is characterized by a rich dark color with light streaks. On the surface of the fossil, you can see a large-scale pattern, which is formed with the help of crystal and purple veins.

Rakhny-Polevsky granite: slabs
Rakhny-Polevsky granite: slabs
Rakhny-Polevsky granite: slabs

Granite slabs from the manufacturer

Rakhna-Polevsky stone slabs can complement any style of modern design. Granite slabs are universal in application, for which they are very popular in the market. Thanks to the pattern, you can easily create interesting compositions, thereby giving the interior a special charm.

The production of granite tiles takes place on modern equipment, which allows the production of slabs of good quality. On the site you can purchase black granite, tiles, or place an order for a product according to an individual sketch.

The presence of our own production allows us to manufacture products of any length and thickness. We offer several processing methods, or a combination of them, to choose from: polishing, grinding and heat treatment. Choosing Rakhny-Polevskoy granite, you make an investment in quality and durability.

Granite slabs and their advantages

Products from Rakhna-Polevsky granite fit into any design: from classic to modern. Due to its quality indicators, it is in great demand in Europe. The scope of the tile is wide, almost without restrictions. In addition to the noble appearance, black granite has a number of advantages, including:

  • High resistance to mechanical damage. Indifferent to high loads, impacts and scratches.
  • Weather resistant. Does not respond to sudden changes in temperature, the sun and frost.
  • The water absorption rate is 0.2%. This means that the stone does not absorb moisture, water and other liquids.
  • Environmental friendliness. Refers to 1 (First) class of radiation and is completely safe for nature and humans. Can be used for both interior and exterior work.

Granite slabs are used all over the world as a reliable material. Products from this breed can safely serve for decades, or even hundreds of years. Rakhny-Polevsky granite is most often used as a facing material. For example, a good solution would be to use stone for finishing the facade or basement, steps and kitchen. The unique black color looks harmonious in combination with lighting in the bathroom. Or as a window sill on which the sun’s rays fall. By the way, one more advantage: it does not fade in the sun and does not change its color after a while.