Pokostovsky granite: slabs

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Pokostovsky granite: slabs

Our enterprise gives an opportunity to buy a granite tile. Pokostovsky granite in stock. The fossil is characterized by a gray color interspersed with black and a fine grain structure.

Pokostovsky granite: slabs
Pokostovsky granite: slabs
Pokostovsky granite: slabs



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Tiles from Pokostovsky granite from the manufacturer

Pokostovsky granite is characterized by a fine-grained structure. This makes her appearance more interesting and special. Plates from Pokostovka are one of the most stable commodity items on the market due to their mechanical characteristics.

According to statistics, every third house in Ukraine built after 2000 has granite in the interior. Whether it’s a window sill, a countertop or a sink. And the most popular is Pokostovsky granite, which is known all over the world.

Pokostovsky granite for cladding

Natural stone tiles are used in various fields of construction and design. Such a stone is suitable as a universal facing material. It is especially actively used as a floor covering in an office, wall cladding for a restaurant, floor covering for a house or a shopping complex. Among them, as a facing material for interior and exterior. For example, facing the following positions:

  • Fireplaces;
  • Steps, stairs, entrance groups;
  • Kitchen aprons;
  • Window sills, countertops;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Floor, walls;
  • Facades, plinths;
  • Fences, barriers;
  • Other.

Pokostovsky granite is one of the most durable types of natural stone. Due to its manufacturability, the stone can be used in the most extreme conditions. To a greater extent, the area where stone is in demand is interior design. After all, so many compositions can be created using granite with a unique color.

Advantages of Pokostovsky granite

Pokostovsky granite of the Ukrainian deposit is valued all over the world. It is relevant in any field of activity. At the same time, the breed does not lose its position for decades. Among the main advantages of the stone:

  1. Versatility. Fossil, due to its coloring, can be used in any field of activity.
  2. High physical performance. Does not respond to sudden changes in temperature. He is not afraid of either frost or the scorching rays of the sun.
  3. Does not absorb moisture. Including water, gasoline and chemicals. Environmental friendliness. Belongs to the first class of radiation. This means that it is completely safe and can be used indoors. At the same time, it does not harm the environment and human health.


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