Labradorite Osnykovsky: plates

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Labradorite Osnykovsky: plates

Granite tile from Labradorite of the Osnykovsky deposit. The fossil is characterized by a black color and a large grain structure.



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Granite tiles from the manufacturer

Granite tile has a deep black color and an interesting color, which makes it in demand in any field. Such products are able to give the interior a special atmosphere of comfort. Among the advantages of the product are the following:

  • Good mechanical data. Labradorite is resistant to environmental factors.
  • Durability. Products made of stone can last for decades, retaining their original appearance.
  • Strength. Does not respond to temperature, shock, scratches.
  • Versatility. It can be applied in all areas of construction and design.
  • Environmental friendliness. Belongs to the first class of radiation. This means that it has no background radiation and is completely safe for the environment.

The tile granite is popular in Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe. We provide the opportunity to order products made of natural stone according to individual sizes.

Features of granite tiles

The breed is characterized by dark green or dark blue blotches with mother-of-pearl overflow. The stone is suitable for interior and exterior decoration. It will perfectly fit into any interior and become its integral part.

The Osnykovsky deposit of Labradorite is one of the largest in Ukraine. At the same time, our production supplies granite tiles wholesale and retail. In large and small quantities. The sizes of plates can be standard and individual.

Granite tiles: application

Labradorite combines excellent mechanical characteristics with a versatile look. Thanks to this, the stone can be used in the following areas:

  1. Landscaping. For example, paving paving slabs in the yard.
  2. Architecture. For facade cladding or plinth. Facing of entrance groups enjoys special popularity.
  3. Building. Fences and fences made of black stone occupy a leading position in the market.
  4. Interior. You can use wide-format slabs for wall cladding, bathrooms and kitchens. A separate place is occupied by countertops, window sills and stairs made of Labradorite.
  5. Ritual realm. Black stone is usually exploited to create a unique memorial complex or as a tombstone.

The wide scope of the fossil allows it to be used in all areas of activity. Today, we can find natural stone in any store, business center, shopping mall and residential building. He will not lose his popularity for decades to come. And for the selection of the optimal size for your needs, you can contact our manager.


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