Novoselovsky granite: slabs

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Novoselovsky granite: slabs

Granite stone tile from the producer. The stone has a gray-blue color with patches of dark. The fossil is characterized by the structure of the average grain. This makes its surface unique. The radioactivity class is the first, completely safe for the environment and health.

Novoselovsky granite: slabs
Novoselovsky granite: slabs
Novoselovsky granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

Gray granite: from idea to production

Gray granite is an environmentally friendly and durable material. It is used in almost all spheres: from facing to the ritual sphere. We offer universal granite slabs. Their main feature is the ability to use both indoors and outdoors.

Top 5 ideas for the most common ways to use gray granite tiles

  1. Kitchen countertop. Thanks to the high physical performance of Novoselovsky granite, the table will retain its original appearance for decades.
  2. Facing of a bathroom. Granite walls, floor and countertops always look expensive and modern. The big advantage of the material is its moisture resistance.
  3. Facade and ground floor. Granite tiles do not react to temperature changes, sun and frost. That is why it can be easily used outdoors.
  4. Accent shelves. For example, easy to use to store accessories in the bathroom or hallway.
  5. Gender. Most granite floors are tiled in one color palette. We offer to combine two, sometimes three breeds of natural stone. You can get acquainted with the full range in the “Catalog” section.

Gray granite in slabs from the manufacturer

Our company is a direct manufacturer of natural stone products. Gray granite from Granum is in demand all over the world. Production of quality products is a priority of our company. We carefully monitor every manufacturing process, from the choice of raw materials. Here, an important factor is to choose a quality unit to further avoid the possibility of cracks. To do this, we rely on 20 years of experience and knowledge. Then, our specialists process the stone in several stages. Each of them takes into account all the wishes of customers: size, shape, method of processing. By the way, we have four of them.

Granite surface treatment methods:

  • Polishing – glossy gloss;
  • Grinding – matte texture;
  • Sawing – light roughness and traces of saw blades;
  • Heat treatment – roughness, anti-slip effect.

6 reasons to buy gray granite from us:

  1. Experience in the production of high quality products of natural origin is 20 years.
  2. Individual approach to each client. You can choose the type of granite, size, surface type and other details.
  3. There are several methods of delivery and payment.
  4. Operational fabrication of orders.
  5. Multi-stage quality control. That allows to reveal a shortcoming at each stage and to eliminate it.
  6. Opportunity to place an order from anywhere in the world.

Please note that a combination of several processing methods on one surface is possible. We are ready to carry out projects of any complexity, regardless of the availability of additional elements.

You can buy gray granite from the catalog in the ready look, and also to order on the individual sizes. Contact our managers for advice and they will advise you. All information is located in the “Contacts” section.


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