Labradorite Neverovsky: slabs

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Labradorite Neverovsky: slabs

Neverovskoe Labradorite deposit is one of the largest in Ukraine. The coarse-grained structure makes the surface unique and inimitable. The stone has a rare texture, a feature of which is the presence of crystals.

The fossil has a characteristic black color with bright blue and silver particles of iridescence. Natural stone tiles, due to their appearance, can be used in any area of construction.

Labradorite Neverovsky: slabs
Labradorite Neverovsky: slabs
Labradorite Neverovsky: slabs



Heat Treatment

Natural stone tiles in design

Neverovsky Labradorite is in demand all over the world. Natural stone tiles are not only environmentally friendly, but also able to last for decades. Fossil is inherent in versatility in use. That is why the breed is used in construction, architecture, landscape design, interior and exterior.

Modern surface treatment technologies make it possible to give a charming look to products of all categories. When it comes to tiles for decoration, the following processing methods will be the most relevant:

  1. Polishing. Glossy gloss and mirror surface;
  2. Grinding. Matte finish and easy care;
  3. Heat treatment. Roughness and anti-slip effect.

Using the most popular method – polishing, you can qualitatively form any element. This option is so versatile that it is actively used for countertops, window sills, sinks, fireplaces, stairs, entrance groups, facades, fences and other household items.

Manufacture of natural stone tiles

Tiles made of natural stone from the Neverovskoye deposit are in demand among many enterprises. Labradorite is considered to be practical to use. Adhering to consistently high quality, we try to meet the needs of each client. Among the advantages of Labradorite Neverovsky, we highlight the following:

  • High mechanical performance. Do not react to impacts, chips and scratches.
  • Long service life. Service of tens, and even hundreds of years is characteristic.
  • Unusual coloration. Crystals are able to shimmer in the sun and create a unique composition.
  • Moisture resistance. Labradorite does not absorb water, gasoline and other liquids. Thus, the owners of the tiles manage to extend the service life of the products and keep their original condition as long as possible.

Also, among the main advantages, one can single out environmental friendliness, susceptibility to processing, uniqueness and safety for the environment and human health.

Sizes can be standard and individual. We always take into account all the wishes of our customers. The most demanded sizes of plates which you can always get in a warehouse:

  1. 30×30 cm;
  2. 40×30 cm;
  3. 50×30 cm;
  4. 60×30 cm.

The width is determined depending on the destination for further destination. For example, for stairs and steps, we recommend using wider slabs, and for facing works, thinner. In any case, our manager will always advise you, answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.


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