Kapustinsky granite: slabs

Prices per m2

Kapustinsky granite: slabs

Our production offers to buy Kapustinsky granite. Natural stone tile has a rich red-brown color with black and brown patches. The fossil is characterized by the structure of the average grain.

Kapustinsky granite: slabs
Kapustinsky granite: slabs
Kapustinsky granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

Features of Kapustinsky granite

The stone is one of the most durable, relative to other materials. This is facilitated by the mechanical characteristics of the rock, which contribute to its active use in any field of construction. Kapustinsky granite has a noble red-brown color, due to which it is in demand in all areas of activity. Black blotches on the surface of the products make the stone more versatile and help fit into any interior, be it modern or, for example, avant-garde. As for the exterior, Kapustinsky granite is most often used for cladding facades and plinths.

Among the advantages of Kapustinsky granite are the following:

  • Resistance to environmental stimuli. The breed does not respond to scratches, bumps, sudden changes in temperature.
  • Ease of maintenance. It is enough to wipe the fossil with a damp cloth, especially if the tile has been polished.
  • The original type of granite tiles. Contrasting red and black blotches are among the most popular and sought after on the market.
  • Optimum level of water absorption. Water absorption by 0.22%. This means that you should not worry about the possibility of liquid absorption on the surface of the plate.
  • High levels of strength. For example, in bending it is 18 MPa, and in compression 165 MPa.

Buy Kapustinsky granite without intermediaries

Thanks to our own production with a capacity of 3000 m2 / month, we occupy a leading position in the stone processing market. And this means that we can offer the most favorable terms of cooperation, project bonuses for commercial organizations and individuals.

The price of Kapustinsky granite primarily depends on:

  1. Order volume. When ordering more than 200 m2, a system of discounts applies, regardless of the order format;
  2. Sizes. They can be both standard (from stock) and individual;
  3. The need to apply additional elements, such as a chamfer. Determined on an individual basis, implementation regardless of the complexity of implementation;
  4. Processing method. Available to choose from: polishing, grinding, heat treatment;
  5. The presence and complexity of manual work.

To purchase granite tiles, you can call us or leave a request on the website in the “Contacts” section. Our manager will listen to all your needs, help you choose the size, processing method and answer all questions. Recall that we have in stock more than 20 types of natural stone to choose from. Information about delivery and payment is in the appropriate section, if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with it.