Didkovichi granite: slabs

Prices per m2

Didkovichi granite: slabs

Products from Didkovichi granite, including granite tiles (the price is indicated on the website), are characterized by a brown color and a medium-grained structure.

Didkovichi granite: slabs
Didkovichi granite: slabs
Didkovichi granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

Tile granite price: producer Granum

A unique granite tile, the price in case of a retail purchase, has a pink color and a brown tint. The presentable appearance of the stone is endowed with notes of tenderness, so it is actively used in facing works and during the laying of flooring. Also, the products are used in almost all areas of construction work, which makes it more versatile.

Tile granite price: formed from the following aspects:

  1. Dimensions of required products. They can be standard or custom. Dimensions include: length, width, thickness. Generally, the most common thickness is 3mm. It is important to understand that the larger the size and width of the slab, the higher the final cost of the product.
  2. Processing method: polishing, grinding, heat treatment. It is determined at the discretion of the customer, for our part we can help in choosing based on his needs.
  3. The presence of chamfers, they can also be of different sizes and widths. A chamfer is a hewn or cut sharp edge of a granite slab. Often we remove the angle, which = 45 degrees. This will be enough for safe operation.
  4. Non-standard shape, for example, to make a cutout for a sink, or in a table in the shape of a sphere. In this case, the price of work is determined by the complexity. We strongly recommend that you carefully take measurements, since the further quality and suitability of the product depends on them.

Please note that the color of the product is directly affected by the color of feldspar, which is an integral part of granite.

Application of Didkovichi granite in the interior:

  • If you prefer the loft style, then granite can be used as wall or floor cladding.
  • In the Rococo style, granite will best fit into a fireplace or a portal, which will certainly decorate the room.
  • If you choose the Empire style, then you should pay attention to the stairs made of granite.
  • “Modern” is about countertops or shelves made of natural stone.

Designers recommend using granite in any interior style, because the demand for natural material will always remain relevant. Granite slabs can last hundreds of years, maintaining their original appearance with proper care. The advantages of the stone include resistance to sudden changes in temperature, frost and heat. A noble breed of granite tiles will become an indispensable element in the interior of a home, office, restaurant, shop, hotel or other buildings.


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