Chelnovsky granite: slabs

Prices per m2

Chelnovsky granite: slabs

Chelnovskiy granite is characterized by deep green color and medium grain structure. This is one of the most durable building materials that is popular all over the world. The price of granite is relatively higher than other materials. This is justified by its high physical and mechanical properties.

Chelnovsky granite: slabs
Chelnovsky granite: slabs
Chelnovsky granite: slabs



Heat Treatment

What determines the granite price

Granite tiles from Chelnovsky granite are used in all areas of construction. Therefore, the price of granite is slightly higher than wood or concrete. One of the features of the stone is the presence of differences in its structure. This factor depends on the location of the area where mining takes place. Despite this, our specialists always select high-quality blocks of the first categories. This prevents the possibility of cracks, streaks or other defects. Also, there is no background radiation in the composition of the fossil, which makes it completely safe.

The price of granite is formed based on several factors:

  1. Plate size.
  2. Processing method (polishing, grinding, sawing or heat treatment). Also, we provide the opportunity to combine several methods in one product.
  3. The presence of additional elements. For example, you may need to end face or chamfer.
  4. Packing option. Our manager will offer several models to choose the most suitable option.
  5. Order volume. We remind you that when ordering from 200 m2, a system of discounts is provided.

If you did not find the material you need in our catalog, please contact our manager. We are always loyal to the needs of customers and are interested in cooperation.

Advantages and price of granite from the manufacturer Granum

Chelnovsky granite is used not only in construction, but also in design or architecture. Fossil will fit perfectly into any interior and exterior. Its high performance makes it popular not only in the Ukrainian market. The stone is also in demand in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia. Among the advantages, we highlight the following:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Versatility;
  • Мoisture resistance;
  • Compliance to processing;
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures;
  • Unique color and texture;
  • Lack of response to high loads;
  • Exclusive appearance of granite slabs;
  • Durability. The average service life is 100 years.

In addition, specifically our Granum production can offer:

  1. Individual sizes.
  2. Four processing methods.
  3. High quality standard.
  4. Dimensional accuracy.
  5. Short production times
  6. High-quality packaging + several delivery methods to choose from.
  7. A wide range of stone for granite tiles, which can be found in the “Catalog” section.
  8. No cracks, chips or splits.
  9. Contract cooperation.

All natural stone products are manufactured at our Granum production facility in Korostyshev, Ukraine. Here, there is a warehouse of finished products, which can be purchased by anyone.