Paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite

Prices per m2

Paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite

Our production offers to buy paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite, which has a red-brown color and a medium grain structure.

Paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite



Heat Treatment

The stone belongs to red stones, while possessing good performance characteristics – moisture absorption and density.  Paving stones Zhadkovka granite is actively used in places with high traffic, as it is considered one of the most resistant coatings.

Paving stones for the territory of the house will be an excellent addition to the exterior, giving the courtyard a presentable appearance.

Red granite Zhadkovka is considered completely environmentally friendly and safe, because it can handle the first class of radiation.  Therefore, the stone is also used in interior decoration, in the creation of memorial complexes, and most importantly – in the improvement of the territory.


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