Paving stone from Vasilievsky granite

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Paving stone from Vasilievsky granite

The paving stones from the granite of the Vasilievsky deposit are characterized by a green-red color with blotches of black color and a medium grain structure.

Paving stone from Vasilievsky granite
Paving stone from Vasilievsky granite



Heat treatment

Our production offers to buy granite paving stones from Vasilievka. Green granite paving stones are considered to be of high quality, while having the first class of radiation, which is completely safe for the external environment and human health.

Paving stones from Vasilievka have proven themselves as a road surface for private areas, business centers, parks, shopping and entertainment complexes, historical parts of the city and public gardens.

Products from Vasilievsky granite are subject to operation for more than one hundred years, while maintaining their aesthetic appearance and excellent characteristics.



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